Stressed? Anxious? No time for yourself? In this modern world we often forget how to have fun, be authentic and enjoy life. We feel overwhelmed and pressured to perform and fit in.
By taking time out and reconnecting with our inner self, we can experience great freedom. In those moments we see clearly what we want from life and what makes us truly happy. We emerge renewed and empowered. I will guide you through this process using several forms of energy healing and meditation. Reclaim your joy and live life to the full!



Step by step, you will balance your seven chakras to align your body, mind and spirit with the subtle energy system of your body. By strengthening your chakras, you strengthen your health and wellbeing, both physically and spiritually. Each week we'll focus on another chakra and work with its energies in great detail. Bit by bit you'll uncover another piece of the puzzle of what joy truly means for you until you are left with a clear idea of the life you really want to lead. Now there is nothing standing in your way to leading a fulfilled and joyful life!



Your exclusive 1on1 personal coaching package includes:
- Initial online chat on Zoom to find out where you're at in your personal journey
- 8 weekly 1-hour live chats on Zoom during which we discuss each chakra and your personal situation in detail
- Videos and worksheets to follow up what we discussed during our chat
- Email support during the 4 weeks following the course to make sure that all topics have been wrapped up and you are strengthening your new positive habits.
- 1-hour Chakra masterclass
- All the videos and worksheets are yours to keep



Exclusive 1on1 coaching package

Enjoy 8 personal coaching calls on Zoom, unlimited email support for 8 weeks and a bonus 1-hour Chakra masterclass and keep all the video recordings of your Zoom calls and worksheets for an amazing USD 397 (usual price USD 1,297). Listen to your heart and change your life now!



Only 5 places left!

In the time up to Christmas I have decided to give away five 1on1 coaching packages for just USD 397 instead of USD 1,297. This is a one-off event and when the places are gone they're gone! So if you want to take advantage of this great offer and invest in your personal joy and self-care, get in touch. I'd love to work with you!

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I am a highly creative person. For many years I earned a living as a professional musician. Then, through circumstances and necessity, I found myself changing career to an ordinary 9-5 office job. I struggled for a long time to fit in, getting increasingly unhappy, feeling stressed, overwhelmed and finally burning out. During my enforced rest period, I did a lot of soul-searching and realised that the cause of my unhappiness was rather simple - I'm a square peg that doesn't fit into a round hole! I decided then to take action and also to ignore society's demands as much as reasonably possible, remembered my passion for holistics and spirituality and started working toward my goal of changing my life into a truly fulfilling one. Now I want to pass on the joy and inner freedom this has given me to other women who find themselves in the same situation. After all, we were all born to enjoy life!
Silke xx



"Silke is so knowledgeable about our energy systems, she brings a beautiful energy to her course and creates a safe space to explore our inner self and gives practical spiritual tools to use in our daily lives with generosity and humility."

"Thank you' so much for asking me to, do this course with you! You have blessed me more than you know! I think you’re a wonderful, Teacher, Guide, and a Wonderful Therapist to!! Your guidance has been invaluable to me, I'm so grateful, that you asked me to do this. Thank you for providing me with the tools to help myself, it's helped me a lot to not loose sight of myself, to focus on healing myself. To put things in perspective about the things I'm always trying to do, but never quite make it, doing them. You've helped me You've helped me You've helped me find me again, as she got deeply buried in my subconscious and totally disappeared. You’ve helped me to work on my chakras, which I have struggled to keep up for some years, you've helped me to strengthen me, in ground myself, which I do, do a little, but nothing like I should, I'm always ADD with things, so many projects on the go at once, so much to do, want to do, want to achieve and getting nowhere and achieving nothing! But since doing this with your help, I've found my inner focus, and I Loved-Love, doing, All, you’ve guided and taught me. You've helped mefind my cofidence and my self-esteem again, that spark of joy ignited in me, which I lost a very long time ago. Thank you once again, Thank you So Much!!! For providing me the tools to be able, for enabling me, for the gift of rediscovering, Me-Myself! Blessed Be. Namaste."

"This course is amazing. It opened up a whole new aspect of energy healing that I never knew before. The exercises are easy to do and the material is presented in a way that is understandable. It doesn't take a lot of time but I got a lot out of it. It was enjoyable and fun and I really got to know the instructor through her videos and live sessions. She is very uplifting and helpful and available for questions. I had difficulty understanding how to use the computer platform and she created a video on how to do it so I could understand."

"Your style of teaching is clear to follow, your clear & precise & uncomplecated in your teaching!"

"I like how well prepared and open to questions you are.  Your energy makes you seem very warm and kind and the presentation of information shows your expertise and knowledge of the subject matter.  This is a wining combination.   I also like how you encourage us to show each other who we are by simply asking what a are doing.  It's easier for an introvert like me to participate that way."

"I like that I can see your personality,  I can feel your passion  you are inspiring."

"I love how imaginative the meditation was and how effortlessly you lead them."