“I am a highly creative person. For many years I earned a living as a professional musician. Then, through circumstances and necessity, I found myself changing career to an ordinary 9-5 office job. I struggled for a long time to fit in, getting increasingly unhappy, feeling stressed, overwhelmed and finally burning out. During my enforced rest period, I did a lot of soul-searching and realised that the cause of my unhappiness was rather simple – I’m a square peg that doesn’t fit into a round hole! I decided then to take action and also to ignore society’s demands as much as reasonably possible, remembered my passion for holistics and spirituality and started working toward my goal of changing my life into a truly fulfilling one. Now I want to pass on the joy and inner freedom this has given me to other women who find themselves in the same situation. After all, we were all born to enjoy life!
Silke xx”

Background story

Silke is an energy healer, blogger and podcaster. She has made it her life’s mission to empower other women to find their joy. She has a rich and colourful past that has given her the wisdom and tools to fulfill this mission.
Throughout her life, Silke has always done things a little differently. Instead of following the usual career path, she left school, met and married her husband and together they formed a band and toured and recorded for many years as professional musicians. They are still happily together now after almost 30 years. Together, they have travelled all over Europe. They live by the seaside with their beautiful Romanian rescue dog Frunza.
Silke also branched out into professional translating, again ignoring all conventions and landing her very first translating job with the auditing giant KPMG even though she had no previous experience of the financial sector whatsoever. She succeeded through sheer determination and hard work.
However, she found that she did not really enjoy corporate life much and decided to set up her own translation agency instead. Years of being an independent musician had made her appreciate the freedom of being your own boss. She continued to combine her music and translation careers for several years but in the end found that the workload was simply getting too much.
Following an episode of burnout, she searched her soul and found that despite her success she wasn’t really and truly happy. She also rediscovered her long-forgotten love for spirituality and energy healing. She had been attuned to Reiki Level II many years ago but never used this skill because life had simply been too busy. She built on this knowledge and became a Reiki Master. Next, she enrolled on a Chaka Dancing and Creative Mindful Meditation diploma to become a therapist in this field. She also added Reiki Drum to her skill set. The more she got onto this new path, the happier she felt and finally found true happiness and joy in life.
Today, she is the happiest she has ever been and sees it as her life’s mission to pass on this wonderful feeling to other women who so desperately need to find their joy.

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